H2 projects developer

Developer and operator of green hydrogen installations

On the basis of contracts for the removal of hydrogen from renewable energies by an industrialist and a community, Mob’Hy develops, builds, supplies, and operates green hydrogen production facilities. We call on a range of suppliers and technological solutions to manage the technical and economic constraints of each project.

Our mission :

To achieve the maximum benefit from a green hydrogen production installation project and reduce its environmental impact.

Call for projects and partnerships

As a developer, owner, and operator, Mob'Hy supports you in the preparation of your tender dossiers for projects launched by ADEME following the recovery plan.
But we go further by creating partnerships with communities and investing in projects.

The development of an ENR

For all of our projects, we favor a local and renewable energy supply. We are convinced that the development of a green hydrogen production infrastructure must be done in parallel with that of renewable electricity generation plants.

Expert in the development of solar and wind projects

Thanks to the expertise of Vent d'Est, Mob'Hy excels at the development of vertical or ground-based solar and wind power projects.

We carry out :

  • Identification of constraints
  • Presentations to communities and State departments
  • Contractualization of the targeted plots
  • Management of impact studies
  • Environmental authorization & building permit applications


Mob'Hy intervenes at all stages of the construction of the unit :

  • Project management assistance
  • Civil Engineering
  • Completion of the work with local stakeholders


Maintenance, monitoring of hydrogen purchase contracts, adjustment to demand and to market trends ... as operators, we ensure the reliability of the installations and the profitability of the service, and consider the measures to be taken in the event of changes in demand.

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