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Who sows the wind reaps hydrogen

Mob’Hy was conceived from the ambition of the founders of Vent d’Est and the team that joined them: To generate clean, inexpensive energy, which benefits the inhabitants and clients of the host region as much as possible.

Today, Mob’Hy researches, develops, and manages projects for the production and distribution of hydrogen. Mob’Hy hopes to harness these projects as much as possible and create a production network in Europe.

Our heart in the Grand Est, projects without borders :

We grew up in the Vosges valleys, on the watershed between the North Sea, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic: We have naturally built our partnerships in the ‘Großregion’ Wallonia, Luxembourg, Grand Est, Saare, and Rhineland-Palatinate, and work with confidence throughout Europe.

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The European Union’s white paper forecasts 60,000 MW of electrolysis in 2030, split between (chemical) industry and mobility. Mob’Hy takes an interest in the latter, and in particular those supported within an ecosystem, bringing together the generation of green electricity and captive fleets. We estimate that this represents almost 10,000 EU-wide projects, or 100 per month. We are ready to work on 5-10 of these.

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